Executive Chef David Brannigan
Manager, Jairus Okiring

Hours, 5.30pm to 11pm,
7 days a week


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"When you think about it, it's very Orlando. Take an English Chef of international renown, a Swedish food and beverage director, and a serving staff of varied American heritage and you come up with an Italian bistro (and wine bar) offering an authentic and truly delicious dining experience. From the bruschetta (created from some of the freshest ingredients I've ever tasted) to the extra spicy marinara sauce (wow!) on the mussels...lasagna is a large portion miracle. I can honestly recommend the trip for the lasagna alone...My guests enjoyed the saltimbocca (here topped with molto mozzarella), and the osso bucco (oh so tender and tasty)...the desserts are mini indulgences worth ordering for their presentation alone. I highly recommend this restaurant. Here, finally, is a hotel restaurant in which every part of the dining experience proclaims, "food destination".
--Josh Garrick, Managing Editor Central Florida Lifestyle Publications

"It was wonderful. It was romantic, tasteful, and amazing. The food was wonderful and the feel of the restaurant was perfect. I wanted to tell you that our waiter, I believe his name was Leandro, he was from Brazil, was amazing. His service was outstanding and I have never had a waiter such as him. He was on top of everything and served us ideally."
--Pamela Hernandez, Guest at the Hilton located in the Walt Disney World Resort Guest